Section 7 – General Policies

Section 7 – General Policies 7.1   Environmental Responsibility Policy 7.2   Financial Records Administration and Retention Policy 7.3   Expense Reporting Policy (Including Travel) 7.4   Cash Handling Policy 7.5   Managing Guest Complaints Policy 7.6   Inclement Weather Policy 7.7   Volunteer Policy 7.1      Environmental Responsibility Policy Intent The... Continue reading

Section 6 – Technology

Section 6 - Technology 6.1   Communications Policy 6.2   Management iPhone Policy 6.3   Personal Mobile Device Policy 6.4   Corporate Software Policy 6.5   Internet Acceptable Use Policy 6.6   Email Best Practices Policy 6.7   Social Media Policy 6.8   Network Security Policy 6.1      Communications Policy Intent This policy is intended to cover office telephones,... Continue reading

Section 3 – Compensation, Benefits and Leaves

Section 3 – Compensation, Benefits and Leave Policies 3.1   Compensation Policy 3.2   Payroll Administration Policy 3.3   Vacation Policy 3.4   Statutory/General/Public Holiday Policy 3.5   Employee Benefits and Privileges Policy 3.6   Professional Development Policy 3.7   Sick leave policy 3.8   Employment Standards Leave Policy 3.9   Pregnancy/Maternity/Parental Leave Policy 3.10 Bereavement/Funeral Leave Policy 3.1     ... Continue reading

Section 2 – Employment Policies

Section 2 – Employment Policies 2.1   Recruitment Policy 2.2   Reference Checking Policy 2.3   Orientation Policy 2.4   Employee Files Policy 2.5   Hours Of Work And Overtime Policy 2.6   Lieu Time Policy 2.7   Performance Management Policy 2.7.1   Progressive Discipline Policy 2.7.2   Termination Of Employment Policy 2.7.3   Exit Interview Policy 2.8   Succession Planning... Continue reading
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Our amenities include an indoor/outdoor saltwater swimming pool, outdoor whirlpool, fitness centre and complimentary high-speed wireless internet access.
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Dining In

Visit the GateKeeper Restaurant and enjoy great food, great service and an outstanding ambience. Open for breakfast/lunch from 7am to 1pm and dinner service from 5pm to 9pm.